Web Design and Management

It can be intimidating to build and maintain a profitable website. As a small business, a well-laid out, easy-to-navigate site is the perfect choice for you and, more importantly, your customers. We will work with you to define your targeted goals and we will build a modern, intuitive website that will connect with your audience, make the crawlers (SEO!) happy, increase traffic, and amplify your business.

Our small business web design and management solutions include as much or as little as you need.

Refreshing an existing site: Adding icons, refreshing old graphics and photography, tightening up and/or creating new content, and improving your website's flow.

Overhaul: forging mobile applications, adding newsletter and social media templates, and building a new website.

SEO: High-quality, keyword-rich web pages, descriptive, easily-searchable URLs, page naming, with indexed photos and videos and targeted meta descriptions.

We can handle tasks big or small. It all depends on the tools you need to help you navigate to your goals.